PasswordBox Pros and Cons

Dec 7, 2013, updated Aug 11, 2019

I used PasswordBox for the last 3 months. I wanted to switch from LastPass. But after tried PassworBox for 3 months with 60 passwords to manage I think I will come back to LastPass. This is my pros and cons for PaswordBox. To be fear I will start with pros.


The security: client encryption. So this is very great feature.

Mobile version: Mobile version is for free. you Could log in with passwordbox in apps. So no need to copy and paste password in mobile.


New tab: It ruins the new tab and when you want to use the default new tab for the browser. it wraps it up and there is a delay to open a new tab it takes 2 seconds. I have send them an email with screen shot with it and illustrate that to them. But it seems they did not got it right. They tried to be nice with me so thank you but my problem did not get solved and i don’t have any due date or version number it will be solved in.

tags: There is no categories or tags to organize your password.

Changing settings: when you change the settings. for example seamless login set to off. when the add-on updated the settings come back to default and let seamless on. I have to change it again.

Creating new password: When I want to add new password I press the add-on and start creating new one. After that I figured I need copy and paste the url. If I press on any windows on the browser the windows of creating new password will disapear and I have to start over. So I need first to save fake url and then copy the url then open PasswordBox searching for the password i saved with fake url and then fix the url.