mpv is the best player for me.

Arabic subtitle

To enable Arabic subtitles, you need to add some configuration.

On Mac

vi ~/.mpv/config

sub-codepage = utf8:cp1256

On Windows

  sub-codepage = utf8:cp1256
  # Path to the font
  subfont=C:\Users\[user]\Downloads\player\fonts \DejaVuSans.ttf


# Video
mpv --ontop --no-border --geometry=100%:0% URL

# Only Audio
mpv --no-video URL
// or
mpv --ytdl-format "bestaudio" URL


  • --ytdl-format usually 18 means medium, and 22 means best. Best is the default settings. To list supported format by a video youtube-dl --list-formats URL
  • --no-video will try to download only audio, So it could save bandwidth.
  • --ontop
  • --no-border
  • --geometry position of the window when open. Right and down –geometry=100%:0%
  • --loop

Download playlist


youtube-dl -f best URL


Get list of urls

youtube-dl -j --flat-playlist 'URL' | jq -r '""+ .url' > urls.txt
cat urls.txt | xargs -n 1 -P 8 youtube-dl -f best
# -n 1 indicates one url for each youtube-dl call; -P 4 indicates 4 parallel youtube-dl calls