Dealing with Amazon S3

March 25, 2013   

This post is a collection of good tools to deal with Amazon S3.

s3cmd is a command line tool to deal with Amazon S3.


sudo aptitude install s3cmd


s3cmd --configure


s3cmd sync --acl-public --delete-removed ~/folder_to_be_synced s3://Bucket/

Set up a periodic backup

Get familiar with:

  • Encryption tools like EncFS, GnuPG
  • Compress files

Add this cron job by typing “crontab -e”:

0 0 * * 6 /bin/rm -f ~/decrypted/repositories.7z
0 0 * * 6 /usr/bin/7za a ~/decrypted/repositories-$(/bin/date +%d-%m-%Y).7z ~/repositories
0 0 * * 6 /usr/bin/s3cmd sync --acl-public --delete-removed ~/encrypted s3://Bucket/


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